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Human Resources

While executing the targets, Near East Investment want to improve itself. Therefore, the first and important point is to herd the group strategy that values participation and variety that dominated by mutual respect and confidence which nourished by human resources that owned. And to continue to proceed by awareness of ımportance of human resources.

With the confidence of being a part of Near East Group, we are always supporting our employees on their personal development and improvement by creating equitable and transparent workplace.


Performance Assessment

We are conducting annual performance evaluation interviews to assess the performance of our employees, identify training requirements and development areas, and demonstrate competencies in business processes.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment process starts with gathering necessary inquiries from relevant departments, designation of specialities and features and collecting applications that have made after confirming availabilities.

First of all, applications always go through the control of human resources and regarding department and in the case of suitable people with appropriate specialities, human resource calls the applicants for interview.

Human Resources and in the event of approval of head of department after an interview, endorsed applicants will be called to discuss the job details, positions, conditions and meeting for last proposal.


At Near East Investment

  • We move as we know we are the part of a huge group,
  • We believe in teamwork,
  • We work with our responsibilities,
  • We aim to improve ourselves and our teamworkers,
  • We care about our customers and always sensitive to them,
  • We see the differences as chances and we adapt,
  • We manage the solution and always work as result-oriented.

Payment Policy and Vested Benefits

Near East Investment is a part of Near East Group;

All our employees and their relatives;

  • You can get benefit with the discount from our group of hospitals.
  • You can get benefit with the discount from Near East Education Institutions, Primary School, Secondary School and High School.

In Near East Investment, a fee and bonus system based on performance and qualifications is implemented.


Personnel Profile Table