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Why You Should Choose Near East Investment ?

Near East Investment, founded by the Near East Group in 1996, holds the market's pulse with real estate and car sales.

Providing the right investment opportunities at the right time, Near East Investment redefines how the investment can be assessed.

By climbing the success ladder day to day with its experienced and dynamic investment advisors, Near East Investment always takes steps towards the needs of its customer.


Latest News

Sep 22

Near East Investment Makes a Difference in Real Estate!

Near East Investment, as an investment company with high financial potential in the Northern Cyprus real estate sector, with important references with its growth and profitable investments, continues to serve investment consultancy, real estate purchase and sale, domestic and foreign customers, individual and institutional investors.

Dec 24

Near East Investment Kyrenia, Arapköy Villa 2020

Near East Investment Kyrenia, Arapköy Villa 2020